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The more intelligible a thing is, the more easily it is retained in the memory, and contrariwise, the less intelligible is is, the more easily we forget it.
Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza 1623 -1677 Tractatus de Intellectus Emendatione Xi, 81

As above, so below.

The art of transforming spiritual energy lies in being aligned. We have heard this so often it has lost meaning or has gained meaning which is incomplete and therefore hazardous. We are told to align with cosmic forces. We are told we have great power. We are told to let go. We are told to move with the light. We are told so many conflicting things from so many sources the message has been lost in the crowd of trees.

The art of transforming spiritual energy lies in being aligned with the greatest force. Please note that if you think your energy is stronger than the energy of the cosmos, go ahead and beat your head against that wall. I won't stop you nor will anyone else. If you want things to happen and to bring forth changes in the direction you require, you MUST NOT fight the greatest forces. If the force is stronger than you, you will not be able to stop it's flow. You can, however, spin some of it off to water your field and make YOUR crops grow. YOU CAN'T STOP THE ENERGY OF THE COSMOS! You can tap into it. Get the idea?

The White Light of legend is the representation of the fabulous energy of the Cosmos. Undifferentiated into good or bad, saint or sinner, nice or not nice, the White Light (remember, not blue, red, green, or any other differentiated color) is the transcendental icon of great energy available for use. Try to conquer or compete and you will suffer greatly. Catch the ride and divide out a small amount of the light for your use and you will be rewarded. Dividing out the frequency you want will bring you great reward. The reason you grab the white light is that it contains all the frequencies. Once you have the technique well practiced, you can use the differentiated light frequencies such as blue, red, and so on.

Turn on, tune in, and drop out. Advice from the drug gurus of the 60's and 70's of the last century. Used in the sense of cosmic energy and not drug use, this is nearly a perfect prophecy and education on how to get the Quodosh energy talked of for millenium. It is a method of how to create.

Turn on, bringing your energy to its highest possible level, preparing to gather cosmic energy. Tune into the great energy sources of the Cosmos, aligning and bringing the energy within. Drop out and move the small amount of energy you are capable of matching to your energy area.

Thank you Timothy for your succinct manner of delivering an education. Dr. Leary may have had other ideas for the use of this creative formula but it is also possible he was aware of the larger use of Turn on, tune in, drop out. Whatever the use of that by Dr. Leary, what is described above is the greater use to be made of the formula.

The energy you can use from the great source is not small in comparison to the individual but is quite small in comparison to the Cosmos. Not insignificant but pretty close. You will not change the Cosmos with your energy any more than you change the ocean by sailing across it in a boat. Yes, of course you have changed the ocean. Does the ocean see this? Can I look at the ocean and see your changes? Can you? Certainly not but the changes are there nonetheless. What you have done is use the (in comparison) unlimited resources of the ocean to get what you wanted. If you had decided to change the course of currents and wind flow in and over the ocean, you'd be still trying and making a spectacle of yourself. By joining with the greater forces, you will have easily (well, easy in comparison to fighting the ocean and wind) arrived at your goal. Fight the ocean and wind and you lose.

As above, so below. This is an important part of this message. As above is the greater force. You can't fight that force. The message here is extremely important. As above greater force is useable if it matches the so below (your) force you CAN control. Get those forces out of synchronization or out of frequency and you WILL suffer. Get them in synchronization and in the appropriate frequency and you WILL gain. In addition the message reads both forward and backward. If it says as above, so below, then the two things match. Change the below and the above changes. As your energy frequency is below is the energy frequency you attract from above. Do you really want to attract the kind of cosmic energy to you that you are in while driving to and from work? Further, the amount of energy you bring yourself to is the level of energy you can gain from the cosmic forces to do spiritual work with. The more energy you have in you, the more energy you can match from above.

How do you do this? Well that's what all this writing is about. How to get in synchronicity with the cosmic energy we all need to gain the higher levels of spiritual functioning. Some people get this by accident, by themselves, by good genes, by others pushing, or by a great many various paths, most of which have not a clue of what they are really presenting their followers. With this writing you have the opportunity to move into the realms of spiritual endeavour YOU wish. You are the leader of you. Not me. Here are open doors. If you want them, use them. There is no going to hell if you don't. You will still have more opportunities to reach into those areas of growth later or in another lifetime.

As a Child of God, you are expected to grow up. What's more, you are expected to grow up to become a God. That's an incredibly important level to reach! Virtually all religious groups in the world say the same thing about this. They all state you are a Child of God. How come none of them will allow you to grow up and gain adult status?

No, I don't have all the path and what I have is not all correct. It's the best I've got right now and the best I've seen anywhere. The part I like is that it's not me telling you what to do. It's you joining with the teaching and yourself at the level you want; to gain as much as you want to have of the growth levels presented. I'm not married to you. You don't have to take a cannibalistic sacrament for me to feel you are following the teaching I have been fortunate enough to receive. For me, that is a whole bunch better than the forced training organized religions do to their followers. How did I (how do I) get that teaching? If you read and understood what is written above, you now know how that awareness was (and is) acquired.

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