I can't begin to tell you how important these books are to learning and growing in Kundalini-Tantra.
If you get only one, try to get the first one listed, "Sex, Pleasure, and Power or how to emerge spiritually without going nuts" by Jan Kennedy. It contains real information that you can use daily including how to identify a psychopath, Tantra exercises, and much more. All of those listed have been tested and found superb.
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Another great book on western Tantra. Christopher Hyatt studied with Israel Regardie one of the all-time greats and a former member of the Golden Dawn along with Aleister Crowley whom he knew and (once) loved. A different viewpoint and an important one. More information about the Tree of Life and how to make use of it than you'll ever begin to be able to use. Easy to read, complete coverage including the Tarot, astrology, sephiroth, paths, and much, much more. Indespensible!
John Blofeld is one of the premier writers on Tantra. Widely studied in Tibet and functionally practicing what he writes about, this is a basic book bringing real knowledge on a research and development level. A book of short stories of spiritual India, Nepal, and Tibet, each bringing forth ever so gently a universal truth. One of my daily meditational readings. A treasure you'll always enjoy.

This book is on my desk all the time. Here's a quote from it: "When a person is unable to process all the energy flowing through him, the unprocessed part is trapped, (causing) serious and long term effects" The "Holy Kabbalah" is also on my desk. An amazing book with deep research, tracing the Tree of Life and the Kabbalah back to the Garden of Eden. Also, notes that the Mystery of Faith is a Sex Mystery, and again, that the Supreme Wisdom is a Mystery of Sex.
Massage is now increasingly being seen as a means of communication between people who use it as a way of showing their love and care, enriching interpersonal relationships. Written by an expert on sexual and marital relationships, this photo-filled guide is designed to help those who wish to enrich their sensual and erotic experiences. Learn the joys of erotic massage, using aromatherapy, shiatsu, acupressure, and reflexology. 160 pages, b/w illus. throughout, 7 1/2 x 9 3/4.
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