Science/Metascience relationships and science facts.

A Guide to Aromatherapyicon
The Eroscillator

Electromagnetic field effects
How your electromagnetic aura affects you and others and how to control it.

Right Brain Activation
This tells you how to recognize the activities of the right brain and compares it with the left brain. The text further tells how to activate the right brain in simple everyday terms.

Colors in your Life.
How colors affect you, your time sense, emotions, and how you can use colors to get the effects you want to have.

Intro to Brain Circuits
Beginning to explore the association between brain circuits and the Tree of Life.

More Brain Circuits
Varying sources for identification of individual brain circuits.

Speculations on memory
How does the brain store memory when there is so much to take in?

Brain circuit details
Brain circuit details froms science and the Tree of Life.

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