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Vedic Tantra texts state that the use of colors in Tantric rituals is of utmost importance. For this reason, all rituals should contain enough light to easily see colors and their definitions.

Colors in your environment affect your chemical balance, causing some pretty strong physical phenomenon. Reds and oranges for instance affect your sense of time and such a waiting room at the doctors or dentists can make your wait seem interminable. A blue or green waiting room will do the opposite.

Reds and oranges affect the adrenal system, pushing increased energy into your system. In a cascade effect, other related systems may be activated such as the immune system, vascular pulmonary, or sexual systems.

Greens and blues soothe and allow the time sense to be accelerated so that time seems to go faster and a wait appears shorter than with a red surrounding. Blues and greens trigger the endocrine system and a set of neurotransmitters are produced which calm and inspire a slower gentler spirituality than red.

To test for color sensitivity, get a set of color panels from the craft store - the more colors, the better. Get 3 panels of each color and set up a single color in a "U" shape. Be sure it is well lighted, even brightly lit. Look steadily into the "U" of color for at least 32 minutes each session. A single color test should run for at least one week. Color session for 32 minutes in the morning and again in the evening, 12 hours apart if possible. Keep notes on how you feel immediately after each session and the general emotional functioning of the day. How do you sleep? What are your dreams? How do you feel about sex? Your job? Friends, enemies, religions, studies, etc.?

Move through each color one at a time, one week at a time until you have done all the primary colors (or all the color panels you have). If you are uncertain of results, repeat until you clearly understand how colors affect you.

After you understand how colors affect you at this level, gather colors about you for specific results. Make your life as you want it to be.

Now, add colors to all your Tantric rituals and see how the rituals (and you) are changed. The ritual for hearing the Kundalini for instance will produce different "voices" of the Kundalini when different colors strongly make their influence through your external senses. Be careful to keep all other aspects of the ritual the same and only vary color. This, I know is impossible, but you cannot be certain of the color effect otherwise so make the attempt.

According to Albert Einstein, different colors represent differing energies of the field of relativity. Colors are a universal language and each human relates quickly to each other through use of colors. Colors reach a direct response from our brain circuits, not only the lower circuits but very strongly from the higher brain circuits also. Compilations of names indicate there are more than 7,500 names of colors and scientists have shown that the human eye can discern as many as 15,000,000 different colors.

The Tree of Life states (similar to Dr. Einstein) that colors represent differing energies of the field of Akasha. The field of Akasha or the Akashic Record is said to represent the total knowledge of the Cosmos and can be brought into awareness through higher brain circuit activity. The colors will be listed below according to their refraction from white light into the various main Chakras of the trunk of the body. We'll begin with the lower Chakras and move upward through the Chakras to the top of the head.

Red is the color associated with Muladhara, the root Chakra located at the base of the spine and using the perineum and genitals as the area of the body the energy is associated with. The Tibetan Tantric word "Lam" is associated with this Chakra, the color red, and fire. To use the combination of touch, speech, Chakra, and color, set up something bright red such as a rose, a mandala, or panel of red color. Focus on the red color, place hands on the area the Chakra surfaces in (be sure to include the perineum), chant "Lam" (pronounced Lum), and draw energy into the area from the body, then from the earth, and finally from the Cosmos.

Red, associated with the Muladhara Chakra promotes the sensations of touch, sex, passion, activity, energy, heat, excitement, reduces fear, and promotes the chemistry change associated with puberty. Red when used in conjunction with the Muladhara Chakra in Meridian work will promote cheerfulness, enthusiasm, improve will power, initiative, and courage. Working with this color will increase sexual power, psychic ability, mental capacity, and increase spiritual focus. The healing characteristics of red in Muladhara rituals are that it removes sluggishness, and aids in healing depression, anger, and sadness.

The psychic powers of red are the most powerful of the colors and, when used in rituals which empower the Muladhara Chakra, will make one more confidant, forceful, will aid in alignment to receive your wishes, gives the desire to be successful, and the wish to fight injustice. Red and the Muladhara rituals may be added to any touch therapy, any body work, any ritual, and any portion or place in your day. As with all colors, you may wear them, set some up to look at, light colors such as electric lights, window panels, or candles in glass, or any other way you can imagine. All methods of bringing red and the activation of the Muladhara Chakra into your life will bring at least the benefits listed above.

When used in conjunction with Powered Meridian Treatment, the Chakra and color aid in curing sadness, anger, depression, lack of concentration, rebellion, resentment, and inability to get along with family members.

Orange is the color associated with Svadishthana, the sexual Chakra associated with the genitals and area of the top of the pubic bone. The Tibetan Tantric word "Vam" is associated with this Chakra, the color orange, and water. To use the power of this combination, set up orange flowers, orange lights, orange colored objects, or orange panels. Focus on the color as you place hands on the area of the genitals and pubic bone, chanting "Vam" (pronounced Vum), and draw energy from the body, earth, and finally the Cosmos into the area of the Chakra.

The color orange promotes sensations of health, confidence, and strength. The use of orange and the Chakra Svadishthana aids in assimilation of new ideas, fellowship, expansion of personal contact and awareness, improves social orientation, fosters exploration and ambition. When used in Meridian work will aid in healing mental disorders, relieves depression, promotes better circulation, reduces anger, aids in ability to focus, improves energy levels, banishes exhaustion, and much more.

The psychic associations with orange and the Chakra Svadishthana are the power of blunt speech, good humor, frankness, generosity, health, and confidence. Rituals based on orange and Svadishthana provide a base of energy for athletes, politicians, salesmen, and others who must have the charismatic power to stand alone in the face of many.

When used in conjunction with specific Powered Meridian Treatments, the Chakra and color are useful in reducing resentment, rebellion, feelings of loneliness, stress, arrogance, pride, anti-authority difficulties, sadness, and problems in holding focus.

Yellow is the color of Manipura, the Chakra associated with the naval area. The Tibetan Tantric word "Ram" is associated with this Chakra and the color yellow. To use, set up the color yellow in the form of flowers, objects, lights, or panels, focus on the color, place hands in the area of the naval and solar plexus, chant the word "Lam" (pronounced Lum), and draw energy from the body, earth, and Cosmos to the area.

Yellow, like red and orange is a ruling color and will make other people notice and follow. Yellow promotes the sensations of power, intellect, and raw emotions, including change, self assertion, truth, and trust. Yellow and the Chakra Manipura is the area of family connection, the area of physical stress, and the area of reaction to others. When used in rituals of the Manipura Chakra self control, self assertion, and knowledge are promoted.

The healing power of yellow and Manipura when connected to Tantric rituals includes healing digestion, elimination problems, liver dysfunction, intestinal blockages, skin blemishes, and stomach pain. In conjunction with Powered Meridian Treatment will aid in curing worry, frustration, pretense, vanity, and affectations.

The colors red, orange, and yellow are strongly associated as are the Chakras Muladhara, Svadishthana, and Manipura and are best used as a group for healing rituals, in Meridian work of all kinds, and in body work in general. Unless there is a specific problem, which requires very specific work, under special circumstances, all three of these Chakras should be activated before working on any specific one of them. Each of the higher Chakras and colors will have an association with one or more of these lower, physical Chakras. When working on yourself, your loved ones, friends, or clients, activate all three lower Chakras prior to beginning to work the associated Chakra in conjunction with the higher, spiritual Chakra.

Green is associated with the Chakra Anahata which is found expressing its energy on the surface of the body in the center of the chest. Anahata is known as the heart Chakra and is emerald green with pink to blood red center. The outer edges of the green fades to pearly white and the Chakra is a very beautiful one to envision. The Tibetan Tantric word "Yam" is associated with this Chakra and the color green. To use, set up the color emerald green (grass green) and a little pink or red with some pearly white to bring in the upper and lower Chakra powers. Lie down nude, relax, place hands on the surface expression of the Chakra Anahata and chant "Yam" (pronounced Yum). Feel the energy connections with the body, earth, and Cosmos.

Sensations associated with the Chakra Anahata and the color green are neutralizing, soothing, love, compassion, and fulfilling. When used in conjunction with the Chakra Anahata in rituals brings emotional healing, increases life energy, connects with the Kundalini, promotes self expression, wards off illness, and tooth decay.

Green and the Chakra Anahata when used with Powered Meridian Treatment is said to be able to cure headaches, grief, loss, loneliness, ulcers, heart troubles, cancer, the flue, and when combined with the lower Chakras greatly enhances the efficacy of their healing powers. This is also true of the higher Chakras and colors and the color green along with the Chakra Anahata is a linking color to many other colors and Chakras. The Psychic enhancement of green and Anahata includes increase in strength, vigor, vitality, and forcefulness. Apple green changes personality, dark green gives bursts of energy.

Sky blue is associated with the throat Chakra Visuddha. It is associated with the Tibetan Tantra Bija mantra "Ham". To use, set up colored objects, flowers, lights, or panels to meditate on, lie down nude, place hands on throat, chant the sound "Ham" (pronounced Hum), feel the energy associated with the color and Chakra moving through the body, earth, and Cosmos.

Sensations associated with the color sky blue and the Chakra Visuddha are truth, reliability, communication, idealism, transcendental logic, contemplation. When used in conjunction with Chakra rituals is said to heal fever, spasms, bleeding, and is calming, cooling, antiseptic, and astringent. This is the color favored by psychics and promotes spiritual growth, insight into problems, analytical ability, and reduces inhibitions in love (a favorite bedroom color).

Each of the higher three Chakras and colors associate with a lower Chakra and color. The crown Chakra and the root Chakra associate together, the third eye and the sexual Chakra associate, and the throat Chakra and the naval Chakra associate. In this case, the throat Chakra (sky blue) associates with the naval Chakra (yellow) and enhances the healing powers of the physical, lower Chakra Manipura and the two colors mix well in rituals of all kinds.

Indigo is associated with the third eye Chakra, Ajna. This Chakra is also represented by the color royal blue with silvery trim. Indigo is more the color of the brow Chakra which is a combination of the crown Chakra and the third eye (Ajna) Chakra. The Tibetan Tantra Bija mantra associated with this Chakra is "Aum" and when chanted with focus on the color is good for curing headaches. To use, set up objects, flowers, lights, or panels of the color to focus on, lie down nude, place hands on third eye area, chant the sound "Aum" (pronounced Aum) and draw (or send) energy to the third eye Chakra from the body, earth, and Cosmos.

Sensations associated with the color deep blue or indigo include devotion, intuition, perception, and higher vision. When used in conjunction with the Chakra Svadishthana (orange) brings self awareness, telepathy, comprehension, and aids in curing eye, ear, and nose difficulties. This color associates with the physical color orange and the Chakra Svadishthana to compliment the healing powers of the physical realm.

Violet is associated with the crown Chakra, Sahasrara, located at the top of the head. The Tibetan Tantra Bija mantra "Om" is associated with this color and Chakra. To use, set up colors with either objects, flowers, lights, or panels of violet, focus on the color, lie or sit nude, place hands on area of Chakra, and feel the flow of energy through the Chakra from the earth and Cosmos to and through the body.

This Chakra is associated with the root Chakra Muladhara and the color violet (and white) which are associated with the Chakra Sahasrara support the healing powers of the color red and the Chakra Muladhara which contains the sleeping Kundalini, an energy of enormous potential which may be raised to heal at all levels of physical problems.

When used in connection with rituals the color violet promotes spiritual inspiration, imagination, idealism, and superior mentality. When used in conjunction with meridian body work, aids in healing nervous and mental disorders, heals brain disorders, brings purification, understanding, and divine powers. When connected with the Chakra Muladhara, enhances the healing powers of both.

White is the color of the Chakra Kether which is found about one foot above the top of the head and is about the size of a basketball to as small as a grapefruit. This is the color of unity, grace, and glory. When used in association with all the powers of the lower Chakras is physically empowering and healing.

Pink is the color of sanity, balance, and mental health. Pink aids in relaxing and calming.

Silver is the color of compassion. Silver is the moon color and is secretive in nature. Silver brings psychic protection. Silver is also the color of lust and emotional activity. Silver is the color of the power of Yesod, the representation on the Tree of Life of the Ego, the second brain circuit.

Gold is the power of the sun. Gold represents illumination and the glory of idea. Gold is the color of the right brain and is the color of creativity, holistic thought and health, and sacrifice. Illumination implies the loss (sacrifice) of previously held notions, ideas, and habits. Thus, we sacrifice ourselves to the glory of growth and attainment as represented by the color gold. Gold represents a level of purity attained when the Ego is overcome and transcendental knowledge and understanding are gained.

Each Chakra has an association with a supporting color and a retarding color.

Kether White Black
Sahasrara Violet Red
Ajna Deep blue/indigo Orange
Visuddha Sky blue Yellow
Anahata Emerald green Red
Manipura Yellow Sky blue
Svadishthana Orange Deep blue/indigo
Muladhara Red Violet/green/white

The supporting colors will bring healing action when used in conjunction with the appropriate Chakra. When used with the opposite Chakra, for example sky blue used with the Manipura Chakra instead of yellow, the color will have a retarding effect on the Chakra and will slow the function of the Chakra down instead of increasing its function. The combination will, however bring about a completely different effect (see the writing above). Each of the color combinations will bring different effects depending on the chakra activated, ritual used, or other variable entered into the microcosm and affecting the macrocosm. This is the case with red and green. When green is used in conjunction with the red Chakra Muladhara instead of the color red, strange effects may arise owing to the presence of the Kundalini which may be raised to the heart Chakra and produce enormous energy. To slow down a runaway third eye experience, use the color orange. To slow down a hyperactive throat Chakra, use the color yellow. To slow the sexual Chakra, use the color indigo or deep royal blue. In this manner, each Chakra may be speeded up or slowed down in the function represented by use of specific colors.

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