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Special energy areas include (but are not limited to):

Acupressure meridians
Tantric yoga activation points
Acupuncture points
Internal pressure points
aural linkage areas

At this point we are not ready to fully go into any of these and not at all into some. Let's start with acupressure meridians.

Acupressure meridians are similar to your blood system. They cover and nourish your whole body. They come in various sizes and strengths. We will learn something about two meridians, the governor meridian and the main meridian. The governor vessel meridian moves energy up your back and is Yang energy. The governor begins at the perineum (the point between the anus and genitals), crosses the anus to the tip of the coccyx, ascends the spines of the vertebrae, over the head, and down across the tip of the nose, the upper lip, and ends on the gun between the incisor teeth.

The main meridian begins just below the lower lip and is Yin, moving downward along the midline of the body, ending in the genitals. These two meridians are the main trunk-lines of your body energy.

The principal way to "power up," "energize," or clean out these important meridians is to make a circuit with your hands on your partner's meridians. There are some very important points to touch along these meridians. They will be described for the main meridian and then for the governor meridian.

The end points are obviously important and the most important end point is virtually always the one closest to center. The end point closest to or on center is the point that should nearly always have one hand in contact as you energize the meridian.

From top to bottom on the main meridian, the points are:

1. Just below the lower lip
2. In the hollow at the base of the neck.
3. In the center of the chest
4. In the solar plexus.
5. Between the navel and the pubic bone.
6. The genitals.

Governor meridian points are:

1. Upper lip.
2. Third eye.
3. Top of head.
4. Where back of neck joins head.
5. Eighth (8th) cervical vertebrae or right behind heart.
6. Hollow of back.
7. Tip of coccyx.
8. Perineum.

All of these points need to be "activated." To do this you place your open hand centered on the point, pressing firmly but not so as to cause discomfort. Move the hand gently in small circles on the point. Flow energy through the hand into the point. Your other hand will be doing the same but at another point on the same meridian. One hand should be as close to center as one of the points noted allows. Center is always "Energy center." Energy center is in the genital area.

Example (main meridian):

1. Right hand on genitals left hand on lower lip. Spend five minutes.

2. Right hand on genitals, left hand on base of neck. Spend five minutes.

3. Right hand on lower abdomen, left hand on center of chest. Spend five minutes.

4. Right hand still on lower abdomen, left hand in solar plexus. Spend five minutes.

5. Right hand now on genitals, left hand on lower abdomen. Spend five minutes.

6. Right hand on genitals, left hand moves slowly up and down meridian. Spend five minutes.

7. Move to back. Do similar.

You may use any variation you like. Don't lose contact. Slide hands slowly from point to point. Don't become inactive. Keep both hands active. If one hand is on one point for a long time, you may move the hand to the nearest point for a short time, then move it back. Push energy with one hand, pull energy with the other. If you're having trouble moving the energy, change sides and switch the words "right" and "left" so as to use the opposite hands from what is written. However you do this, if you follow the basic principle of trying to do good, keeping your energy in a good space emotionally so as not to introduce anger, fear, or pain, you cannot harm another person.

Some points are very small such as those on the face and you may use finger tips on these. Some points are broad such as solar plexus or genitals and you may move your hands more broadly on these areas (wider circles). Remember to touch. If you don't feel completely the area you are touching, you cannot do well. If you're going to make the effort, you might as well do a good job.

The amount of time spend on each special point will vary widely. Five minutes is not a magic number. It is used to indicate that you must linger on each point. Certainly anything less than two minutes per point is probably not doing as much as 30 minutes on a point, but by then the raven has been fluttering about.

There are many meridians. Each has a different influence on the body and mind when activated--or rather reactivated from their atrophy. The main and governor meridians are the easiest to find and the most important. When inactive, the body lacks energy and feels separated from the head. You can change this and increase your partner's energy and well being. After all, when these are clear, the rest of the body might notice and begin sending signals again.

Chakras are main stations in your body energy net. They are important beyond telling. They control all energy transmissions into and out of and through the body. There are normally seven main meridian chakras. If you've lost one, please get a new one from the catalog. You have been touching some of them (actually all of them) during the last exercise.

Diagram (The Seven Chakras)


The dynamic interaction of these chakras creates a series of charged electromagnetic fields around each person. You found this field earlier. This field resembles the pattern shown around a magnet and is similarly polarized. Some fields are stronger than others. The dynamo created by the head chakras is very strong. The conception dynamo created by the two lowest chakras is the strongest of all and contains enormous energy capacity. This is your energy storage battery or your center.

There are four main dynamos:

1. Governor dynamo, Sahasrara to Muladhara
2. Breath dynamo, Visuddha to Svadhisthana
3. Third eye dynamo, Visuddha to Sahasrara
4. Conception dynamo, Muladhara to Svadhisthana

DIAGRAM (The principal energy flow dynamos around chakras. (Reversed flow directions for males).

You can control these dynamos! In fact, you already control them, but not consciously or always to your benefit. When you learn to power up your third eye dynamo you will be able to learn astral projection. When you learn to power up the conception dynamo, you will be able to have and control the centillion experience (this has been described as an energy more powerful than anything you may have ever imagined). Your breath dynamo can be used to strengthen your aura, or to regain energy to get past a very tired time. Governor dynamo will give you health and energy for each day. The Main meridian powers the Conception dynamo. These are just samples. Each will do much more and can be combined for even more.

How do you power up one of these dynamos? Well, if you did the last exercise, you powered up the Conception dynamo by empowering the Main meridian. Simple, isn't it?

A chakra is basically a giant Tsubo. Since your body contains thousands of Tsubos, you can (and do) create thousands of different dynamos, each for a different purpose and each causing different effects and emotions, not all good or easy to control.

Tsubos vary in strength. These seven chakras are the strongest. Other strong Tsubos exist at your knees, bottom of feet, hands, elbows, and arm pits. Not all Tsubos are front-facing. Below the genitals, they have reversed polarity and face behind.

Aural linkage areas are areas that readily transmit energy to and from the aura. The three most important areas for this are the mouth, hands, and genitals. The mouth is in constant contact with the aura both giving and receiving energy. You can learn to direct this with powerful results. The hands are less active, usually, and are more consciously directed normally. They both emit and receive energy. The genitals normally receive (and store) energy from the aura. This receiving is strongest during coitus when huge amounts of energy may be taken in. Much of this energy is dissipated during orgasm.

This characteristic receiving or massive amounts of energy during a sex act is commonly used in most metaphysical sciences to increase the esoteric energy for other uses. But, the energy will be lost if orgasm is allowed, so this form of sex must be very chaste.

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