Introductory knowledge and rituals.

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Tantric Purity defined.
Further discussion and definition of Tantric Purity.

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Right Brain Activation
This tells you how to recognize the activities of the right brain and compares it with the left brain. The text further tells how to activate the right brain in simple everyday terms.

As Above So Below
Turn-on tune-in drop-out! The amazing way this works in Tantra!
The art of energizing, aligning, and transforming. Stay connected!

Colors in your Life.
How colors affect you, your time sense, emotions, and how you can use colors to get the effects you want to have.

Gods and more.
Discussion of the interaction of gods of tantra and everyday functioning.

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Synaptic visions
Experiencing insights into solutions and other valuable knowledge.

Dealing with damage
Some philosophic and practical aspects on how to recognize and deal with damage in those around you.

References and Quotes
References used in compiling some of the chapters of this web page
and some really neat quotes from all over the historical time frame.

The Eroscillator