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  1. This is a research and development site. My goal here is to connect spirit and physical. If I can't prove it, I research, test, and study until I begin to get a hint of what is happening. It is important that you, the reader, participate in the process of developing a connected outlook for (or insight into) the Tantric methods. Thus, practice, practice, practice, and let me know how to help others into the connected areas so we can grow without someone subjugating or dominating us.
  2. This is a self-learning site. If you want teachers, check out some of the other Tantra sites. You'll find plenty of people who want you to come to them and they will teach you "hands on" with some fees (or some kind of price to pay). There is no price for what is up so far. Yes, I may charge for some of the rituals I have researched and find functional. I have had to do that with some to protect the site from child abuse. What is up is for YOU, not for me, I already know the stuff that is up right now. There is much more to put up and much more to learn. As you teach yourself, advise me and I'll put your teaching and advances up for others to grow with and give you full credit.
  3. The basic system is that of Tantra, Kundalini, and the Tree of Life. Tantric methods used here are of all levels, including some of the full wet sexual rituals. Much of what is up is pretty gentle and allows all of us to start gradually. The truth of what is on these web pages is that raising the Kundalini requires and delivers a high degree of sexual arousal. Movement into the higher brain centers (crossing the Gulf of Akasha for you spiritually oriented readers) requires the energy of Venus (ruling power of Netzach on the Tree of Life, or the fourth brain circuit). That is sexual energy and you won't get into the higher powers using standard Tantric methods without a lot of sexual energy and a lot of practice at it. Just as in computers (garbage in garbage out) the more energy you put in the more you get out of it, the less energy you put in the less benefit you get from it.
  4. Each of the Chapters or segments is a piece of research standing on its own but it is all so interconnected that I could not set up much in the line of connections to other segments. I was setting a link in every sentence and that would be very distracting. All I can say is that the whole thing is the whole thing and you'll need to read it all, try it all, and experiment on your own.
  5. If you want to do rituals, there are dozens suggested in the Right Brain Activation segment alone and many more in each section. Just pay attention. If you want to do rituals, get the password and look over the Chakra Puja ritual. It is actually about half complete but is set up in small segments of rituals that can be used in independent operations. Mix and match. YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RITUALS. If I do them for you I will charge money and I'd rather you did your own. You can certainly buy the ones available from this site but it is not a requirement for your growth, just probably a shortcut is all. If you buy them, try several of the simple ones to see if this line of study is what you want and then begin to branch out. If you want to do effective rituals, you must have energy. That energy should (you have just been should on) be of the sexual energy if you are to follow the teachings of Tantra. You can use any polarity you want such as rage/peace, love/hate, or any other set you like. However, Tantra teaches that male/female energy is controllable and brings healthy energy. I don't think rage is healthy. The more energy the more effective the results will be. Long-term, intense sexual activity always brings higher brain circuit activity. DO THESE THINGS ON YOUR OWN. YOU HAVE ONLY YOURSELF TO LOOSE. That is the basis of what the web site is about.
  6. Write to me. Since I am constantly researching for this information, you can be of great help in finding our way forward. This is really difficult to get right since all of our cultures, governments, churches, peers, etc., are so deadly earnest in stopping us from growing. I'm searching in the dark and finding. You can help. Please do.
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