We keep a selection of herbal books on hand and have a large backyard garden. Here in Florida, we have herbs all year, with the possible exception of the hottest summer months. For us winter is herbal magic. Where ever you live, you can add fresh herbs to your life. Even if you only want to suppliment with herbs, you can't have enough knowledge to help you decide. We've selected a number of books we have available to us all the time. Hope they help you stay healthy.
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If you haven't tried Kava, please read our article on this important herb HERE!

Native american Spirit Herbal knowledge. A complete look at herbal and spiritual life of the Native Americans. A gentle addition to your spiritual life. Difficult to find and only a few available. Lose weight and stay healthy. Poisons in your system tend to collect in fat. When you lose weight, these poisons are released into the body causing damage. Learn to contol weight and keep the poisons at bay.
Organic herbs made simple. You don't need a green thumb or a backyard garden to have the best in herbs. Supply the basics even in apartment living. For cooking and health. Got room for a garden? No more than the size of a plywood panel 4X8 will give an abundance. Here is the source. Plans for herb gardens for easy, competent gardening. Also, if you have room check the edible flower section below.

Before the worst happens, find out how to prevent and cure cancer. How many people have been cured of cancer by using these methods is beyond guessing. Many have been cured before they found out they had the disease. Get ahead of the problem. Another important herbal method to get ahead of the problem. Want to wait until you have heart problems? Go ahead. If you want to head the problem off before it happens, get this book and learn to stay alive.

Edible flowers are more than rose and nasturtium. Try borage for example, a sweet cucumber taste and a lovely sky blue flower. Get the best in the garden beauty and food.

More herbal books we enjoy. Pay special attention to Mommy Diagnostics if you have a family to care for and the Natural Therapy for your Liver if you suspect a weak liver or have had a history of alcohol.

The Herbs of Grace contains great information on herbal cleansing methods, one of our favorites for getting rid of the poisons our world delivers in our food, air, and water. Traveler's Natural Medicine Kit is invaluable, especially for campers and the Herbal Remedy Gardens contains practical plans for herbal gardens.