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One of the aspects of teaching Tantra is to develop the ability to recreate language at a new level, on a different plane of consciousness so as to be able to impart deep knowledge that has no words in todays languages.

The heart of Tantra is the concept of polarity. This polarity includes not only the accessible to humans male/female physical and esoteric energy but also the cosmic finite/infinite concepts, the aspects of creative/destructive, active/passive, etc.

As living biological, protoplasmic humans, the aspects of the physical polarity are available to use to help us attain the high energy desired to approach and release our higher powers, our spiritual being, and our eternal soul.

The use of physical polarity between male and female has as its goal the production of high energy which can be used to reach high spiritual goals. Most of us have experienced some of the joy of a stirring kundalini. This teaching is here to allow each of us to live in that joy and heightened energy.

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness increases;
it will never Pass into nothingness.
John Keats, 1795-1821 Endymion, book 1, line 1

We make the world and its "things" and energy into whatever we wish. A farmer turns a field of weeds into a food crop, a jeweler turns rock into gems, a potter turns clay into beauty. Others see only weeds, rocks and dirt. As we see, so we receive.

Although clay or marble is of no intrinsic value of its own, the artistic value and philosophic message of a statue made from this ordinary "dirt" can transcend the ages, raise above all religions, inspire humans to excel. Yet, this comes from common dirt or rock transformed by an attitude of beauty by an artist. We are all artists of our own happiness or unhappiness, or our own spiritual attainment, our own hell or heaven.

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************THE TREE OF LIFE***********

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Another helpful reference book is

Very well researched and basic, it will add to your researches and growth.
It is important to remember that our connection with the universe is not exactly the same as that of a radio station to the receiving radio. We are an intelligent signal which both sends and receives. Thus, the Cosmos is not just in contact with us, we are also in contact with the Cosmos. The fact is that not only does our signal find its way into all the universe but all the universe finds its way into our signal. Open up to those signals and all the universe is available to each of us.

Humans joining in Tantric sex experience an increased energy and consciousness such that they become as one. A common knowledge and direction join in a unified, electrified energy field which centralizes the conscious functioning of all parties into an essential unity.

This oneness does not mean a loss of individuality. Instead it involves the overcoming of earthly structures and limitations by the creative use of those same earthly structures. Tantric sex creates an energy field which overcomes ego, shame, guilt, and condemnation. Thus, Tantric sexual encounters provide the energy with which an individual can unite with others and gain union with their own higher selves.

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. We must not be satisfied with intellectual solutions but approach the greater connections to the Cosmos with the full power of our physical and spiritual abilities.

Kundalini Tantra encourages the use of Maithuna (ritual coitus) and other sexual rituals in their actual form with no imaging or holding back from the actual sex acts during rituals. This is required owing to the degraded spiritual level of mankind today. Unless the participants are brought into the highest level of energy available, no movement into the higher powers will be attained. The most that will occur in our modern times is that some fifth circuit activity (Tiphareth on the Tree of Life) will be transfered to the lower circuits and a "high" will be experienced. The "high" may be strong enough for people to believe they have experienced much higher brain circuits (seven for example) but it is extremely rare for anyone to reach higher than fifth circuit (Tiphareth) unless through long and intensive training. Even the attaining of fifth circuit is more rare than believed. Most people who think they have reached their fifth circuit are only experiencing the high brought on by the super-circuit represented by Netzach which is simply a chemical high the body produces from the energizing of the sexual brain under controlled circumstances. It is extremely rare that actual connection to higher levels are joined. All that happens is that people get a reflected energy from the higher brain circuits. True joining with higher powers requires high levels of energy gained through intense sexual rituals.

A very helpful book for understanding the historical aspects of the Tree of Life is:

You will need to highlight the important areas when you first read it or you will never find the parts you want to go back to.
Because we have learned the worst that can happen,
We have grown afraid to become the best that can be.

Kundalini Tantra uses the most powerful of all controllable rituals and methods to change the chemistry of your body and brain to one of health and growth, and especially awareness. This technique involves "raising the kundalini" in a great many ways, including many methods known for untold ages. The writings made available to you here link the older, spiritual methods to the more recent scientific discoveries of the body/mind and its function. These methods are very effective and always work.

Habit kills inspiration.

The ultimate end of all life on earth is death. With this in mind, how can we praise the goal of waiting for our reward to the end, when at life's end our prize is death? Is not the journey the important part of life? Is it not better to progress than to die? Why do we keep coming back to these bodies? We all need to make our journey to the end filled with the wonders of growth and to know that death is then a liberation to increased consciousness in union with our god-self, our own eternal being. Let us gain rewards as we grow to mature godhood. Remember, we are children of God. I would rather spend my day turned on than unhappy and fearful. I would see and experience bliss in all my moments.

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