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Within our bodies are thousands of electrically sensitive points called Tsubos. These represent accupressure points found experimentally thousands of years ago by trial and error. Each of these Tsubos appear to be electochemically connected to the output of neurotransmitters and other highly ionic chemicals the body uses to transmit and alter the frequency of electricity in the body. This is important since certain chemicals transmit feelings of depression and others transmit feelings of euphoria. The whole range of human body feelings and emotions are transmitted by these neurotransmitters and associated ionic chemicals. These affect the brain and bring on moods which reflect the frequency transmission from the body.

Some of these Tsubos are more effective than others, for example, the ones commonly called "chakras" are giant Tsubos functioning over a broad range of frequencies and containing large quantities of neurotransmitters. When these giant Tsubos are functioning improperly, you will have serious problems with you body and mind's emotional state. It is important therefore to control the operation of these electrochemical stations throughout the body.

Each of the Tsubos, the more than 1,000 energy points or acupressure points presently known, are like little electrical junction boxes. They are all programmable and can get out of adjustment, or be set to odd adjustments by the operator.

To readjust these, you must take control from their main operator and use your signals to realign the connections. Luckily (perhaps) these Tsubos are highly responsive and easily adjusted.

You don't even have to know exactly where these Tsubos are to be effective. But, you will do a better job and be more effective if you do know.

The reason for this is that these junction boxes are highly directional. They can be reversed, shunted, or even shut down, but, for the health of the body and mind, they each have a preferred orientation.

Look at it this way: Each Tsubo is a relay station in a telegraph line. They each receive and send messages. If they get a message they may send it right out, delay it, ignore it, or even rewrite it. Worst of all, they may send it to the wrong place.

The small stations don't get a lot of traffic and don't usually mix things up. But the big stations are swamped with in and out signals. Not only that, but they have chronic employee problems.

These signals come from the brain and tell the body what to do and how to feel. Conversely, signals can be sent back to tell the brain what to do and how to feel. Thus, if a Tsubo sends in a bad message, the brain may worry but not know why. Really it's just an ornery local operator having a bad day. Now, the brain sends out a team of experts to see what's wrong. If the Tsubo operator locks the door or lies to them, they may blunder off and file a false report so they don't get into trouble. Well, one thing leads to another and....well, the next thing you know, other Tsubos are picking up the bad message and believing it, then sending it on. Sooner or later, the whole system may be forced to adjust to a permanent bad signal and the person develops sloped shoulders, or a hunchback, or a bad attitude.

One of the most important ways of keeping these little station operators happy is through a technique called balancing.

Balancing uses body meridians discovered long ago by the same technique Tsubos were discovered. A body meridian is basically a line of Tsubos closely connected electrically. The meridian is where that electrical line shows on the surface of the body. Balancing also includes techniques for realigning the functions of the Tsubos along the meridians, and, at its most simple, uses massage and magnetic field energy flow patterns to grossly adjust the body to normal. The technique shown below is the most simple of adjustments and will get you started on the learning process. In a later book, we'll give a detailed application of all the techniques applied to adjust bodies to whatever the operator desires. Right now, simple and healthy.

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