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TZADDI--PATH 17, an Introduction

The path from the second circuit to the fourth brain circuit (Yesod to Netzach) is called Tzaddi which means "fish hook" in Hebrew. This meaning is related to experimentation, quest, and research, to solve problems and to discover secrets. This is Path 17 on the Tree of Life and is known as the "natural intelligence." It is natural yet dynamic. The astrological symbol associated with this path is Aquarius which is symbolic for solving problems from the abstract (Uranus) to the concrete (Saturn). Saturn governs the basic center where the fire force is coiled up. This fire force is the Kundalini power. Kundalini power is a super-charged sexual force that can be liberated or "raised" through Tantric techniques. The "raising of the Kundalini" will energize the entire body/mind and put the person on the edge of orgasm as long as the Kundalini force is as full power. Tantra teaches methods to raise the Kundalini to specific, controlled levels, thereby allowing the individual to utilize the Kundalini power appropriately.

This path (Tzaddi) teaches us about the dismantling of fixed ideas and attitudes through revelation and unveiling, disclosure, and discovery. This is not done through the rational mind (brain circuit three) but through the sexual force (brain circuit four). The sexual force is dynamic and facilitates our ability to surpass old, fixed, ideas that damage our lives. Sexual, active meditation synchronizes the flow of energy in the body and tunes us to cosmic energy forces. When this happens, this path brings revelation into problems we have and focus on. This is important. We must be aware of the opening of the Kundalini, the unleashing of the chemical change caused by increased sexuality, and the availability of the cosmic level of change now open for our use.

The technique used for this is to meditate on a problem you want solved, engage a Tantric method to gain the energy that synchronizes and tunes to cosmic energy flow, then allow the process to bring answers. The answers might not be what you want to hear but will be truths that resonate within you. This active meditational method activates the vibratory actions of the Kundalini which, although not "awakened" will non-the-less bring illumination.

When dealing with the Ego (second circuit), you must "let go" and be as a child in order to reach into this subconscious circuit and bring it growth and enlightenment. Keep all sexual energy pure and away from the lustful vibes that will cancel the effort you are making in trying to reach your inner core and connect to Cosmic Field Energy. Purity here means to be aware of your purpose and carefully keep that purpose up front during the exercise. A "lustful vibe" is one in which the purpose of the exercise is forgotten and the Ego takes control of the sexuality, the exercise loses control of the purpose, and the energy is converted to building the bad habits of the Ego instead of building the new attitudes you are trying to teach the Ego. Keep your focus! Meditate carefully and keep that in mind during the sexual exercise! Out of control is lustful; in control is purity.

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