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Now that you've found the aura, located a block, and decided you know if it's Yin or Yang, what's next? Next you should eliminate the energy block so your friendly (or at least cooperative) partner will be healthier, happier, and have a better energy flow among many benefits.

Again, there are many methods written about at length. I'll give you the simplest I can right now and you can build on that.

The basic idea is that the person is blocking energy for some reason. Thus, clearing the block will likely be a temporary fix. You must fix the cause for a permanent fix. However, many times a few temporary fixes become permanent because the person has responded to the better energy flow in such a way as to cure the cause. Remember, the cognitive part of your brain is the smallest part. A lot of things happen within you that you are unaware of. Think of this kind of like exercise. You can't just sit in a chair and get your heart up to 120 beats per minute, you must do something to get that effect. You must use an external factor to exercise your heart like moving your feet.

Learning to handle this energy is just like learning anything else. You're not going to hit the big leagues immediately. N.F.L. later, right now, a short walk around the block.

To clear this block, do the following:
1/ Locate block. You did this earlier.
2/ Determine Yin/Yang character. You did this earlier.
3/ Orientation of energies. Left hand Yin, right hand Yang.
On the body, Yin ascends, Yang descends. If the block is Yin, place your hands so as to move Yin up, Yang down. To do this, orient Yin hand low (toward the feet), Yang hand high (toward the head).
4/ Touching. Touch the body with full, open palm of hands, placing one hand just above and the other just below the block. Use firm, active contact.
5/ Activate. Think of your hands as the active ends of an energy circuit. Power up that energy, rotate your hands in small circles (or ellipsoids, parabolas, etc.) while keeping firm contact. Gradually move your hands closer but do not touch hands. Then gradually move outward and away from the block at least two times the size of the block. Do this three times. Relax for a minute or so and test the area again for blockage. Repeat until block is gone, partner is gone, or a raven lands nearby and says "nevermore".
That's it! With practice you will clear the most gawd-awful blocks in a few minutes. There's much more to go, as you guessed, but you've already healed a problem your friend had. You now have diagnosed, prescribed, and cured! How does it feel to be a healer? You have taken the first small step on a wonderful journey.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field
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