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Beyond the veil of Vidya Gupta the secret doctrine

In which we summarize the four ages and how we are in the Kali age where we are now down to a few simple rituals of the concrete functioning and not the high rituals of the past. Each of these ages or “yuga” is very long and the first ages are only dim memories and hints written in ancient texts.

Satya Yuga, the first age, is said to have been represented by highly advanced humans who lived very long lives, were pure of heart, without the problems of greed, anger, vanity, shame, lust, backbiting, etc., and who were exceedingly strong spiritually. At this time, humans were giants physically.

Treta Yuga, the next age was of somewhat lower aspects and much of the glory of the age of Satya Yuga was lost. Humans were of smaller growth stature and no longer the giants of Satya Yuga. The human lifespan was shortened and the practice of high Tantra became more difficult and the need for maithuna was introduced in order to attain to the high Tantra levels which were easily available to the practicioners of the age of Satya Yuga.

Dvapara Yuga, the third age of human endeavor known on this earth brought a sharp decline in the spiritual powers of humans, a severe decline of our life span, and a loss of physical stature and powers. No longer able to reach the High Tantra levels, Maithuna rituals became the only aspect of the Vedic Scriptures which allowed for attainment resembling that of the earlier ages.

Kali Yuga, the present age is represented by man gone mad. Life span and health are restricted, stature is that of a pygmy compared to the earlier ages, spiritual effectiveness is virtually unknown, and according to the Mahanirvana Tantra, humans have become”maddened with pride, ever given to sinful acts, lustful, gluttonous, cruel, heartless, harsh of speech, deceitful, short-lived.” In this age, the Vedic Scriptures can no longer be practiced and the need for new scriptures was evident. Thus the Puranas were given for the age of Kali. The Puranas emphasize that a strong connection with the earth forces is now required to reach attainment. No longer is the spiritual force of man strong enough of its own right to reach higher powers and attainment. Now it is required of humans to practice the rituals of Maithuna and the empowerment of each path of the Tree of Life constantly to energize the weakened and nearly lost connections with the higher powers of the cosmos and our own abilities.

It is now the age of concrete thought in which knowledge will come forth in bewildering flood and overwhelm man causing our downfall. It is now required of the remaining humans who wish to rise above the draw of this bewildering abundance of knowledge and consumer goods to reach into their body energy and change the addiction of anger, fear, consumerism, or other modern demands of emotion and attain the physical energy of puberty and growth. When this is done, the spirit is liberated and may begin to work toward our remaining higher powers, eventually (with enough work) re-attaining some of the lost potential of the older ages. These Tantric Scriptures assert that the only way to gain the strength for spiritual liberation is through the power contained in the sex force.

Many gurus have come forth in the last years from the east bringing a message of liberation and defining the parameters of behavior such that sexual activity is denied to the followers. In each of these cases, the followers become psychotic and the group in general begins to degenerate and develop difficulties and problems with the world around them. In most cases, the guru has been sent packing, usually by the group itself, and the sect collapses into a small, fanatical, secret society, just the opposite of what the Tantra teaches for liberation.

Tantra is not originally set up as a secret text but as an open book for the enlightenment of mankind. Only during the repression of the crazy British empire building did the Tantra begin to go underground to preserve the message the world needs. It is time for that message to be told and brought forth without the secrecy. No, we are probably not ready for the whole message but when shall we be if not now. Certainly not when the imprints of culture become even stronger. If not now, possibly never will the message return and we will enter a new age of deeper destruction of our spiritual abilities and the total destruction of humans on the earth will occur just as foretold by the Vedic and Tantric Scriptures. It is hoped the unveiling of much of this methodology will assist in avoiding such an entrance to a new age of destruction.

In the age of Kali, we must not adhere to the insanity of the attitudes of christianity and believe as Paul, regarding the sexual act as degrading and sinful. Paul allowed marriage as a concession to the need for man to be involved in the energy of our sexual nature but made serious attempts to control all the members of the body of the church through control of the power of sexuality. Those attempts have borne fruit and are still working against spiritual attainment in the Catholic church in particular. Virtually all modern religious sects do the same. Each has recognized the sex force as the vital energy of life itself and has moved to gain absolute and permanent control over the sexual attitudes, actions, abilities, and every other aspect of human sexuality. Governments recognize this and legislate sexuality in all aspects in order to control the mass of humans governed. It is not possible to greedily govern an enlightened people and it is required to remove any method of enlightenment for a corrupt government to continue in power. Look around you at the government that is directing your every movement and decide if government and our leaders are enlightened or if government and those leaders tend to be corrupt.

We have degraded the glory of Shakti, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Isis, Shing Moo, Diana, and all other transcendental symbols of feminine power and glory. Miss America and other beauty pageant winners and participants whether actual (or those who only stand by and wish they could) stand on the new definition of woman. No longer is the glory and power of woman respected for the connections held with the Cosmos and the higher powers of humans, now we respect woman for her biological ability to bring forth children and for her physical beauty backed up by a slight requirement to walk without falling down and to speak without stammering. Good bye Diana, farewell Aphrodite, fade to black and hope the new age contains something of value for women to replace the loss of true glory and ability.

The old ages certainly contained repression and use of female powers for the benefit of men to the detriment of women. However, let us not throw away the very powers men greedily gobbled up for their attainment. Remember, these female powers men appropriated worked! Come out from under male dominance and help teach the world to share. Please don’t give up the very power and glory that was and is so important to spiritual attainment that men used women for. To give that power and glory up is to give up the ability for spiritual attainment. Learn to use it wisely and to share. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past and allow one group of humans to either destroy or deny the potential of the other group of humans at the expense of both groups of humans.

We have come a long way from the glory of the first age of mankind and are now in the degraded age of Kali. To step down to the next and more degraded age seems foolish and precipitous.

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